Porto Pino, Sardegna
Casa Vacanze Porto Pino

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Casa Vacanze Sardegna

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Casa Vacanza Porto Pino

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Porto Pino - Sardegna

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Porto Pino

Sa Salina and other places in the neighborhood

Porto Pino - Le Dune Porto Pino, The Dunes

Porto Pino (Sant'Anna Arresi)

Porto Pino Prima Spiaggia
Porto Pino, Prima Spiaggia
Porto Pinetto
Porto Pinetto
Porto Pino Seconda Spiaggia
Porto Pino, Seconda Spiaggia

Porto Pino, within the municipal area of Sant'Anna Arresi, overlooks the Gulf of Palmas and stands on the promontory of the same name, owing its name to the thick, wild pinewood. Its geographic location is between the island of Sant'Antioco and Capo Teulada, the southernmost tip of Sardinia.
the inhabitants usually identify Porto Pino in three beaches, recognisable by their conformation: the First Beach, the Second Beach and the area of the Dunes or white sands.

Porto Pino, le Dune
Porto Pino, Prima Spiaggia
Onda a Porto Pino
Onda a Porto Pino
Porto Pino, le Dune
Porto Pino, le Dune (Teulada)

The best equipped is the first, which stretches for about 550 metres and is positioned behind the municipal carparks..
The second, about 2 km away, is wild and even windier...
The third, a stretch of pale white sand Dunes – so white that they look like they’re made of sugar crystals – falls within the municipality of Teulada..
The Porto Pino Dunes are the splendid result of a natural erosion of the rocks of the promontory and the process which determines the formation is fascinating: the grains of quartz are transported by the currents to the beach and are trapped there by plants, which favour their accumulation as time goes by, overlooked by a flourishing vegetation of large-fruited juniper.

Sa Salina (Masainas)

In 1820 Masainas was a rich farming town; in 1840 it had the largest population in the area. Even today, it is little known by tourists, making it ideal for those in search of a place to relax.

Sa Salina, Masainas
Sa Salina - Masainas
Sa Salina, Masainas
Sa Salina
Sa Salina, Masainas
Sa Salina

The neighbouring beach of Sa Salina, named after the local saltpans, is definitely worth a visit.

Porto Botte (Giba)

Porto Bottea, Giba
Porto Botte - Giba
Kite-Surf a Porto Botte / Sa Salina
Kite-Surf in P.Botte / Sa Salina
Porto Botte - Giba
Porto Botte - Giba

Not only sea

Apart from the sea, the beauty of which is widely acknowledged, the province of Carbonia-Iglesias boasts a highly interesting geological, historical and economic past. Evidence of this can be seen, not only in the giant buildings of the nuragic period, but also in the museums and caves dotted about the area.

Nuraghe Arresi, Sant'Anna Arresi
Nuraghe Arresi
Porto Flavia, Masua
Porto Flavia
Grotte Is Zuddas - Santadi
Grotte Is Zuddas

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